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Hello there, I’m Pavel

Welcome to my personal site. First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m a CEO at Caer Sidi. My professional experience includes positions of a top-manager in various companies, for some of them, I was a co-founder and owner. Please, check out the details of my career on this Linkedin page.


Currently, I’m working on the Caer Sidi service. We produce phygital assets for partners from various industries and plan to scale Caer Sidi to the level of a multidimensional ecosystem. Of course, this project wouldn’t be possible without a team of high-class specialists, my amazing colleagues.


I’m a gamer myself, so it’s quite an honor for me to be involved in the active business processes around the gaming culture. I’m open to new experiences and new challenges, I welcome all sorts of progressive and wise innovations - that’s why we work so closely with DLT in gaming, with VR, AR, and Cross-Reality initiatives. My vision of various aspects of the business world is revealed in articles on my Medium blog.

15+ years of professional experience

top-manager, CEO, co-founder, and owner of various companies

enthusiasm for innovations, such as DLT and X-Reality

love for games and everything connected to them

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Caer Sidi

Connecting realities

The multidimensional ecosystem Caer Sidi connects the real world and many dimensions of gaming virtuality. The service of Caer Sidi produces phygital assets for game developers, popular influencers, esports organizations, and partners from various industries. It’s our Phygital Gate, a starting stage in scaling the ecosystem. For more information, visit


Caer Sidi Hub

Portal to Many Worlds

A virtual incarnation of our service is Caer Sidi Hub, through which, we plan to provide our users with the most immersive and seamless gaming experience possible. Gamers can just enter an internal portal and find themselves in a new world. This can be the start of a game or delving into the personal space of a famous personality. All sorts of activities are possible in Caer Sidi Hub: from participating in huge international presentations to demonstrating assets collections and trading them with other users. Check out the latest build of Caer Sidi Hub here.

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Caer Sidi and Paracosm — a great start to continue

Nov 25

The game industry is a very dynamic business area. When we started the journey of developing Paracosm Project, I knew, it will be an amazing adventure with many surprises and unexpected twists.

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Phygital aspect of gaming

Sep 26

For many people, playing games is not strictly about sitting in front of a monitor. Instead it’s a lifestyle that often includes collecting fancy real-world items such as figures from their favorite games.

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Personal Blog

Please check out articles on my Medium blog. They highlight various aspects of the video game industry, innovative technologies ...

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